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A review of the best dancin’ music of 2011 to suit a variety of tastes, just in time for the holidays! If you’re looking to expand your music collection check out this post as part of my ‘Best of 2011’ series.

Belly Dance Mirage

Ya Salam Orchestra

Style: Classic or vintage Egyptian Cabaret

Suitable for: Intermediate to Advanced dancers

Notes: This album has a definite vintage, sometimes even folkloric, feel to it. There’s a nice mix of routines, including a few drum solos and some traditional songs. These would make great routines for a more formal or ethnic venue.

Listen to it here


The King of Egyptian Tabla

Gamal Gomaa

Style: Egyptian Drum Solos

Suitable for: Low Intermediate to Advanced dancers

Notes: This is a nice collection of drum solos that stand out from the predictable, indistinct drumming that makes for great practice but might be a bit boring for the stage. Gamal Gomaa is truly a master percussionist and he fuses traditional and modern elements well.

Listen to it here


Boz in Oz

Jim Boz

Style: Fusion (Electronic)

Suitable for: Beginner through Advanced dancers

Notes: This album is an interestingly distinct fusion of eastern and western rhythms and elements with a definite electronic feel. It’s very powerful, and there’s a nice mix of slower and faster songs. This is perfect for Tribal or Tribaret work.

Listen to it here


Bellydance Superstars, Vol. 9

Various Artists

Style: Mixed (Egyptian pop, techno-arabic, fusion, sha’abi, classical, etc.)

Suitable for: Beginners to Advanced dancers

Notes: In the tradition of the Bellydance Superstars, there’s a little something for everyone here. I have to admit I think this is one of their better albums.

Listen to it here


Pulse of the Sphinx, Vol. 2

The Henkesh Brothers

Style: Egyptian Rhythm Drills

Suitable for: Beginners to Advanced dancers

Notes: This album is composed of 31 very short (1 to 2 minute) drum solos great for students learning their rhythms. For advanced dancers willing to edit their music, there’s the potential to string together a few tracks and integrate them into a routine.

Listen to it here


Let me know if you end up getting one. I’d like to hear your review! Or tell me if I missed something that should be on this list.



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