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Thanks to all who participated in my Spring Challenge and submitted or voted on their favorite belly dance hip hop fusion video. The winning video, with just over half the votes, featured Ebony of Washington D.C.

All DVD winners have been notified and their prizes will be shipped tomorrow! I can’t wait to hear what you think of the instructional program.

I’ll be posting a Summer Challenge this July. In the meantime please look for a new blog post every Monday. Next week I’ll be featuring something special for Earth Day. I’ve also got more giveaways, video tutorials, and guest bloggers planned for the next few weeks. It should be fun! If you haven’t already, please subscribe or follow me on Facebook or Twitter for the latest updates.

Thanks also to World Dance New York for supplying such fabulous instructional material!

And as a bonus, my personal favorite fusion artist for belly dance and hip hop, Luna Rouge:




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World Dance New York sent me this three part series, and I have to say I was very impressed!

Each DVD of Fantasy Belly Dance features three instructors teaching their own themed choreography. Through movement selection, expression, costuming, and music they embody a character or image and tell a story through dance. For each routine there is a walk-through of the choreography and a full theatrical performance.

My favorite things about this series:

  • The quality of the instruction and content. These are top level dancers who are teaching routines using the techniques for which they are best known. The choreographies are well done, and they don’t look like ‘DVD choreography’. They use real music, too, and not ‘DVD music’. There’s also a lot of content on each disk.
  • There is a diversity of styles including cabaret, tribal, and fusion. Different dancers choose to embrace their theme to different degrees, so some routines are suitable for a traditional performance while others might best be saved for alternative venues or themed shows. Some routines include props (sword, zills, veil, wings of isis), but not all.
  • There are bonus features for every instructor’s section. In addition to the choreography breakdown and performance, the dancers include a discussion on their philosophy for their particular piece. Some sections have tips for how to handle props, proper body conditioning, or even how to set up a sacred dancing space using an altar! It was neat to be able to listen to how each dancer approaches the art.
  • The DVD production values are very good. The lighting and videography are appropriate, and it’s easy to find what you need through the DVD menus.

Be Warned:

The description on the back of the box says that these routines are for intermediate or advanced dancers, and they aren’t kidding! While they do break down and walk through each choreography, there is generally no instruction on how to do each particular move. You should know your circles, shimmies, and eights before attempting.

The Series:

Mystery features Neon as a serpent in a cabaret fusion piece, Sera as shadow in Gothic tribal fusion, and Ayshe as a phoenix using the wings of Isis.

Desire features Naraya in a tribal fusion piece embodying Salome, Blanca as a lovelorn nymph using traditional cabaret and veil, and Darshan as a ritual priestess using tribal fusion and veil.

Magic includes a section by Autumn Ward as an enchantress, Isidora Bushkovski the warrior princess using sword (with great bonus features!), and Ariellah as the goddess Kali in a tribal fusion piece.

To summarize, this is a great resource for dancers who are looking to add a little something different to their repertoire. I would also highly recommend it to intermediate level students who are learning to develop their own style or learning how to express themselves through their performances.

Interested? Check out my next post. 🙂

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